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Zaprace BMW CSL Gp2 with 1974 works style bodykit. "Blue blue, my world is blue"
Chassis no.2285112
First Race:Competed in FHR "100 meilen" Trophy at the Ring in Oct.07- went really well.
3rd in class (x2 RSR porkies in front x5 behind!)
After 33 laps of the GP circuit with a refuelling stop, we found ourselves lying 7th o/all!

Competed in UK Masters 2008 set fastest CSL laptime in all races entered.

Lives somewhere in Switzerland with Gitanes livery....
Can be seen in OTGP Nurburgring each year...

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For sale in Switzerland




Zaprace restored the original
1972 "BMW Belgium Racing" Gp2 BMW CSL.


Chassis no.2211373 is one of the very first 139 lightweight prototypes manufactured by Munich in late 1971. This Golf Yellow example was sold to Schnitzer on 21st Oct 1971, where it was converted to a full Gp2 racecar for the 1972 ETCC season for customer "BMW Belgium"/Precision Liegeoise/Alain Peltier.
It raced consistently in ETCC and various other European series throughout the seventies homologation period.

The" Precision Liegeoise" CSL -
Can be see in FIA classic series at the Ring

Lives somewhere near Munich

Details restoration>



"Back to the Future" - FIA homologated - July 2006

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Acquired and is restored Tim Busbys
"UFO" CSL to full race fitness with more
than a little help from specialist set-up
experts Guglielmi Motorsport

Raced in major classic series by Techspeed.

Monza, Spa, Le Mans, etc.


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E28 M5
Toyo Modified Production, Classic Thunder,and Classic Modified Saloon racer.

Qualifying well on the pace, in both series.
Modprods on Toyo 17"road tyres and
Classic Thunder on 16"slicks.

Could do much better in Classic Thunder
if properly reset for slicks! but still qualified;
4th Cadwell ..4th Brands Hatch ..3rd Oulton against Mountune Cossies and the odd DTM M3

Lives somewhere in Wales with some friendly WRDC guys I hope they have as much fun with it as we did.

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Owner and car known by Zaprace

A beautiful,well known, cared-for, CSL
at a reasonable price.

With Alpina 16" wheels, suspension and engine parts.

Tuned "Alpina" 3.5 ltr engine approx.275bhp

Polaris Silver

All correct aluminium panels

Chassis no. 2285 235 (Right Hand Drive) SOLD


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Zaprace restored this original
1976 Gp2 Luigi-Castrol racer

It was a regular racer in Coupe L\'Avenir and ETCC in the mid-late 1970s

It won the 1975 Spa 24 hrs. in Valvoline colours

Now lives somewhere in Switzerland

Can sometimes be seen racing in Peter Peters Classic Le Mans series.

History file (soon)


When it left Zaprace, this racer was just white, ...........gorgeous......... but just white...........

After delivery to its new home somewhere in rural Buckinghamshire,the new owner used Arthur at to superimpose various period racing colours on images of the car and after much consideration and refinment by the owner himself this is what they came up with.... ..................Wow! sexy or what!.....................

We are told the new owner intends to race it soon..............and is pleased as it now matches his .....umm.......chopper..........(sounds painful!)

The kit is a Zaprace 1974 BMW Works type - the sort you can put an M49/3 into, if you\'ve got the mega bucks........we think he probably has......




Will it ever be finished? Yes!

Can we find the parts?

Are we wilting under the pressure?

Are we just demented?

Our back burner project.. .an IMSA - Gp5 turbo!.

What a Monster

Watch this space.............