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Classic week-end racing anywhere in Europe with a fully homologated Gp2 BMW CSL.

You could be creeping up the outside at Nurburgring amongst the Gp5 Martini Porsches or punching through a Ford sandwich coming out the hairpin at Mallory in the UK Masters series.

This car set the fastest (CSL) time in all the 2008 Masters races it entered. We have now run-in the genuine works engine fully, and leaned her off - now she is even faster, howling round Mallory side-by-side with the Cologne Capris in 50.6 secs.(with more to come) beautifuly set-up, well engineered, fast and light, and proven, embarrassing the more powerful competitors (the.. umm...ones with the cart axles).

Who seriously wants to start off their season at the back of the grid?"

Front of the grid" top classic racing for 2009 in a reasonably priced car. Tel: 07828100078