Frank Stein's mystery car was fastest of the CSLs
Deiter Togels 24v Schnitzer Memphis second
Roschmanns Alpina a close third, all the way from the rear of the grid after major qually problems
The Old Peltier practised only, due to Head Gasket failure
Unfortunately the same for Bluey now in the capable hands of Piero Siragna
The Franz Ostemier re-created Old Scnitzer came a creditable 8th
A G4/IMSA Stateside spec.? (in another race)
And, what a beauty! The genuine Eggenberger G2 635
Just look at this Le Mans baby- (not quite a coupe)
Another Golf Yellow showcar, BMW here in force
A beautiful Swiss Heidegger on the BMW stand
Nurburgring was peppered with CSLs on this their 40th works racing anniversary


Spa pics